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And if you're' happy with your existing IRC client, we provide a bouncer interface to let you keep using it. Built on IRC internet relay chat. IRC is an open and established platform for real-time discussions its almost as old as email.
The Lounge Self-hosted web IRC client.
Share your server with your friends! The Lounge is open source and licensed under the MIT license. It is run by a dedicated community as a fork of Shout. Find us in thelounge on Freenode. The Lounge Self-hosted web IRC client.
What is IRC chat and why do you use it? Quora.
How many people use IRC? What are IRC clients? How do I create my own IRC chat server? What are IRC programs? What is the difference between an IRC and a chat server? What is the best IRC client and why?
IRC WordPress Codex.
Besides the WordPress Forum, there is also a live chat help on the IRC network, where you can seek WordPress related help, or just hang out with fellow WordPress users. This page seeks to be a quick rundown of what IRC is, and how to log in to the wordpress channel.
IRC MozillaWiki.
Users log in to a particular server to chat with other users on that server, using a client program designed for IRC; just as there are many programs for reading email, there are many different IRC client programs. Chat discussions take place in channels, which have names starting with a symbol.
What is Internet Relay Chat IRC? Definition from Techopedia.
Internet Relay Chat IRC is an open protocol that allows users with an IRC client to exchange text messages in real time over the Internet. Created by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988, IRC was one of the first chat systems to allow more than two participants to join in a discussion.
IRC channels Bitcoin Wiki.
IRC Web bitcoin-assets-trades. Streaming assets market data only, no chat. IRC Web bitcoin-auction. Live auctions over IRC. IRC Web bitcoin-market. Streaming market data only, no chat. IRC Web bitcoin-otc. Over-the-counter trading marketplace and discussion. IRC Web bitcoin-escrow. Third party escrow agents.
Why Did Slack Win Out Over IRC, Anyway? Motherboard.
So MTV moved the chat with the Butthole Surfers to IRC at the last minute, meaning that if you were in the mood to talk to Gibby Haynes, Paul Leary, and King Coffey about their hit major-label album that featured a graphic drawing of a pencil stabbing someones ear, you were hopping into the open internet to converse.

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